Monday, October 17, 2011

- still want to take over the world? - Yes.

1. Favourite song with a colour in the title

2. Favourite cover song

3. Oldest song you love

4. Newest/most modern song you love

5. Favourite slow song

6. Song by someone you'd like to marry

7. Song you hate

8. Song you sang the wrong lyrics to for ages

9. Song by your favourite band/artist

10. Band you wish were still together

11. Song you're embarrassed to like

12. Song that has to be played LOUD

13. Song that you air guitar to every time you hear it

15. Favourite solo/instrumental

16. Song that describes you

17. Song from your favourite album

18. Favourite song with a number in the title

20. Song that reminds you of someone

21. Song you like from an artist you don't like

22. Song you can't listen to without singing

23. Funniest song

24. Underrated song

25. Best vocals

26. Best intro to a song

27. Favourite song with a person's name in the title

28. Song you think everyone should have to listen to

29. Artist you wish were still alive

30. Your favourite song

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